What now?


It has been one week since I suddenly went back home to Germany.

The life in Litija left on pause.

And still, I feel a bit surreal. I didn’t think I would be back in Germany until later this year and the sudden decision and especially the uncertainty of the situation doesn’t make it better.

Here in Hannover (Capital of Lower Saxony, ignore my local patriotism) the past week has been pretty boring.

I can’t really see my friends, everything is closed and in general the city feels kind of like a ghost town. This notion stayed until I set foot in one of the great gardens in the middle of the city (ignore my local patriotism again) to take a walk.

Since being in groups over 2 except in your family now is illegal everyone has been taking to the streets in groups of exactly two and walking through the park, jogging or enjoying the sun/sometimes not so much sun and more like grey clouds.

I have been doing pretty much the same.

Staying at home, walking outside, finally playing piano again, regretting that I left my guitar in Litija, and doing the occasional 30 minutes of sport.

It seems like life has slowed down in the normally so busy cities and people are focussing more on the smaller aspects of life. But this could be just me philosophizing again.

Anyway, this has been my short recap of my first week back in Hannover.