Trip to Escape Room at Socialna Akademija, Ljubljana

Last Wednesday volunteers from Litija went to Ljubljana to organisation called Socialna Akademija, to try out the  Escape Room who was prepared from other ESC volunteers.

The story was about one girl, named Polona, who had anxiety and depression. The girl was gone and we needed to found her. She was writting diary for the last year, explaining her problems with her (ex)boyfriend.

Most of the days she cried in her room, and her mother was comforting and encouraging her: »All the day you are in your bedroom crying«. Polona went to the doctor’s, where she got pills. Her condition got better but she needed almost a year to do so.

But before that she was in a really bad state, almost commiting suicide, never really leaving her room… At some point she got missing so our task was to find out what is going on with her.

We needed 57 minutes to resolve the mistery. The reason why we needed all this time, was a problem with putting the code in the phone. We were a bit lost so we asked for help. After that we finished succesfully. Volunteers who prepared the escape room joined us and we had a debate about depression and anxciety. It was interesting to hear how this disease is treated in different european countries and how is treated by the society.

We disscused if depression is different depending on the age and the social environment. Because the adolescents didn´t understand what is a real depression and is very common to see in the social media » I’m depressed «. In the case of the adults, we thought it is different because they don´t know when they have this problem.

We all enjoyed the experience a lot. It was a bit different then we are used to, since it was an educational topic included.

ESC Team