The time after Corona


To estimate what the life will look like after Corona, I want to answer a few questions. Firstly: when? What does it mean “After Corona”, because this is definitely not clear. You may say that this time starts after the world has reached herd immunity. This can be reached by the invention of an vaccine which will most likely happen not before 2022 or by a spread of the pandemic which will also take more than one year, if we don’t want to overburden our medical system. And clearly the strength of the medical system if vastly different at different places in the world. So it might take longer in other places. And the economy obviously can’t handle two years of total shut down. So we have learnt how to live with Corona. But when is the right time to start open restaurants, hotels, shops etc. again without risking all our lives? Maybe today, in one month maybe two… I don’t know but here in Germany the reopening already started.

How will it feel like during the time until we defeated Corona? I think it won’t be much different than right now, except for more and more opportunities, assuming that there will be a second wave. So a lot of education concerning stuff will happen in the internet and will move slowly back into the analogue world, this might take a year as also the other processes. Home Office will become less and less common. Restaurants and Hotels can open maybe in one month. But I think that distrust in the population will keep up and thus the whole touristic area will have a hard time. A lot of travels and vacations won’t happen soon and I also wouldn’t consider going into a restaurant right now. To conclude I think that the infrastructure will be back sooner than the feeling of safety in the population and thus a lot of new opportunities won’t be used.

But what happens when the disease has been defeated and we reached herd immunity? As I said earlier I suspect that this will happen in about two years and so everyone had a lot of time in gaining confidence concerning the illness and thus the life will mostly likely be like before Corona, if you don’t own or work at a company which got destroyed by the financial consequences of the disease. Because I think in the long term only two maybe three thinks will stay: 1. An economical crisis, 2. More awareness concerning hygiene and maybe 3. fear against a future killer virus which will destroy humanity, which might have consequences on its own. But we will see!

Stay healthy!

Moritz Seppelt