Spletni knjižni klub v angleščini


All the book worms welcome to our online Book Club!

A group of book lovers gathered together with an idea of virtual meetings and talks about books we read. When the circumstances will be »normal again« we will continue with our meetings in the living room of MC. Our gatherings will be held once per week (every Tuesday) in a cosy relaxed way.

Plan for the first meeting is to meet each other, talk about the book we want to start with and of course where to find all the material we would like to read and if the date and time fit to your personal schedule.

We will use Skype for now. In case the platform won’t be suitable for us, we will change it. Please send your Skype name to masa.sorsak@mclitija.si so we can add you to the group. In case of any additional questions don’t hesitate to write to this email as well.

The disscussions will be held in English but don’t get frightened!

Our first meeting is going to be on 14th of April at 5 PM. Check our FB event for more information.

See you on Tuesday!