Salut, je suis Sarah!


Hey ! I’m Sarah and I’m 21. I come from the West of France, near the coast. I have two older brothers. I’m very sociable, I love meeting new people and speaking with them. I like to think that I’m very independant and self-reliable, but of course according to my parents I’m not 😉 My main hobbies are dancing, reading and watching TV shows, but I’m curious and interested in a lot of things.

As a teen, I had the oportunity to do many school exchanges and I was really happy to meet new people and discover new places: it triggered my love for English language, because you can speak it with a lot of people. I did some travel but nothing comparable to this amazing experience waiting for me here… I am so happy to be there for 10 months, and I expect it to be one of the most enriching experience of my life.

I wanted to do EVS because I wanted to live a year abroad while doing something interesting and enriching. I did some local volunteering in France too, thanks to it I’ve learned a lot, I met a lot of people and I felt useful to society. I thought being a volunteer full time would be a great oportuniy. I chose the project (working in a school) and not Slovenia but I’m really glad to be here, I love the country, its landscape and its people 🙂