Quarantine routine


I’m back in France for one week now because of the coronavirus.

I live with my parents and my older brother, who is normally living in Paris but he joined us for the quarantine.

It’s strange to live together again but it’s cool, we play a lot of Tarok (card game), cooking, drawing, do sports (because I’m bored I eat a lot so I have to :)), and I clean also all my stuff that I didn’t before I came to Slovenia. I have a dog so I play a lot with him, go outside.

To go outside I need to sign a disclaimer to explain the purpose of my exit. It can be for going to work, walk or to make shopping.
With my friends we call each other many as possible to feel like we are not in quarantine and share some online moments together.

And I’m continuing to practice my English by reading books and watch movies in English.