Novi EVS prostovoljci se predstavijo

Hey, my name is Jan Berger,

I am 18 years old and the new EVS volunteer at the MC and primary school in Litija. I am from Stuttgart, a big city in the south-west of Germany.
I finished school this year and didn’t want to study at the university right away. This is why I looked for opportunities to spend a year abroad, in order to broaden my horizon and get to know another country with its culture and people.
I applied to many different projects for EVS, the project in Litija just happened to be the first one to respond me, so I signed up for it. I was intrigued by Slovenia because I never had any contact with people from there and didn’t really anything about it.
So know I am here and so far I am pretty happy. I like the people and the beautiful landscape and living in a small town like Litija which can be quite challenging, especially for a foreigner whi doesn’t speak the language (yet). 😉
My work consists of attending the classes at school, helping the teachers and playing with the kids. In the future I am even going to do my own workshops with the kids. I go to the primary schools in Hotič and Gradec. On wednesdays, I am at the MC in Litija, helping with my fellow EVS volunteers and roommates Sabela, Owen and Clémentine.
My hobbies are doing lots of sports (kickboxing, football, handball, basketball, …), listening to music, playing the drums and going out with friends.

If you’re interested in meeting and getting to know me, just come by on Wednesdays to the MC. I’ll be there, I always love getting to know other people, especially when they are my age.

See you 🙂