My life after Coronavirus


The situation of today is unpublished. I never thought in my entire life to live like this.
After one month and a half of quarantine, I start to be tired of the situation.
The virus has some consequences on my mood, return in France was not in my plan, I mean, not in March so it was really difficult for me to accept that. Now, stay at home and can’t see my friends is even worst, I can’t leave my house without a paper and it’s destabilizing.
My family is safe and healthy so it’s the best point of this situation.

For me, the virus will stay, we have to live with it. We will not find a vaccine now and we can’t stay at home under pretext we can have the virus.
It’s important to understand the virus, and for that we need more information about it but the government is not really clear about that.
Today, in France, we paid the consequences of the last 15 years in politic by the death.
We are missing bed, nursing staff, pills, and we have to choose between saving a young woman or a dad.
It’s totally inconceivable to imagine this for the 4th world power.

The 11 of May, we will be available to go outside, because the economy needs to start again.
I agree with that, we have to think of small firms, restaurants, cafés who lives with consumers.
We can’t wait that the virus disappears, so we have to find solutions and take decisions to learn and react about the stop of confinement.
Our government made a plan, but they are careful because they are afraid about the death rate will increase. Of course we will have more cases if we go outside but it’s the consequences of the lack of civility from the French people, and the lack of the government.
We are still waiting for real decisions after the 11 of May, because everything could change in two weeks.

Now, for my plan, I’m afraid to never go back in Slovenia, never live again our lives at the farm, see my friends, traveling ..
That is why it’s really hard to imagine my life after coronavirus.
I would like to go back in Slovenia, and find my life before this.

About the world, we can’t go back to the last situation because the earth was dying.
We have to change the way of consummation, food, clothes, travels. The world needs more attention from us, and we have to live with it and not against.
I hope we will understand this and take now more decisions about health, famine, nature, environment, animals and not money.
Today, all what we are doing is to make more money and I’m in, me too I like take a plane for four days in another country but it’s really not ecological.
I would like to find a good way to what happen now but it’s hard.
I think we have to take this like a message, because it was too much and we were exceeded by the situation in the world.
Now it’s important to take the best decisions but for me, sadly, people who decide this are not competent. That’s the big point of my worry for the life after coronavirus.

Noemie Gall