MC Kitchenette – Baking week

Hello and welcome to our weekly cooking event where Noémie, Yegor, Lynn and Moritz from MC will all cook a dish from a certain category.

This weeks category will be baking.

Baking, especially Bread baking has been one of the most familiar (I mean this in both senses of the word) ways of preparing food for us since we learned that heating raw food in a fire will make it more nutritious and delicious.

The process of baking bread has been a staple of families and people groups all over the world for the longest time. We can see this as every culture has their own form of baked dough.

In Europe mostly bread with wheat is made, in Mezo- and South-America Corn is used to make dough and in China for example dough is mostly filled and steamed, this is what you know as Baozi or dumplings. But all around the world types of dough are baked in a fireplace or type of oven, like doughs made from rice or chickpea flour.

Baking bread has been a staple of our European diet especially seeing as, when the potato arrived from the new world it was nicknamed „readymade bread“ because it didn’t have to be prepared for nearly as long as bread would have taken to prepare.

For a potato then and now it is enough to just bake for a couple of minutes and it is ready. Hence the name „readymade Bread“. This understanding of the simplicity of a potato in difference to bread can still be seen in the names for Potato in French and Austrian German: Pomme de Terre and Erdapfel both literally meaning Apple of the earth.

It reflects that, when the potato arrived to Europe, eating a potato was nearly as easy as eating an apple.

But enough of history.

In this time, where we get (have) to spend much more time at home with our families as usual we could make some time to prepare a baked good in the oven for our loved ones and connect more with the familiar role that baking food has spend in all personal and collective lives as humans.

Maybe the shown recipes even inspire you to bake something yourself.


Greetings from Slovenia, France and Germany!
See you next week.



Here are the links for the recipes:

Poppy Seeds Cake by Moritz

Bread by Lynn

Banana Cake by Noemie