MC Kitchenette – Smoothies week

Possibly the conceptually weirdest entry in our list of dishes and styles of cooking smoothies are exactly what the name calls for. A smooth version of a formerly hard food.
I can’t possibly imagine someone first having that idea and deeming it to be anymore useful then for the occasional baby that hasn’t grown teeth yet, but here we are with unlimited amounts and varieties of smoothies. At this point everything had to at some point by someone be made into an amalgamation of a smoothie so chapeau to the most unlikely to be successful student in high school become the CEO of a Dow Jones listed Company.
Hello and welcome to our weekly cooking event where Noémie, Yegor, Lynn and Moritz from MC will all cook a dish from a certain category.
This weeks topic will be Smoothies.
Like before mentioned, Smoothies are simply one or more ingredients tossed in a blender and mixed until smooth. Although some companies market their smoothie as „natural“ and sell you a product with bits and pieces in it, but I’m going to count those as aberrations of evolution.
It probably sounds like, (and one would probably assume) that I don’t really like smoothies but „one“ would actually be wrong.
Smoothies are a great type of food.
But let’s be clear here.
If you still think you are drinking your smoothie then you are thoroughly mistaken.
Drinking a smoothie has to make as much sense as driving your pet rock on a highway.
I know that I’m exaggerating but a fruit smoothie is still ingredient wise the same as eating the fruits that its made of.
It only gets consumed way easier because its kind of liquid. And after you even feel great because you ate something you deem as healthy and you don’t feel full because you only drank something.
But that is where the issues arise.
I can specifically remember more than one occasion where I drank a smoothie after lunch only to be bedridden for the next few hours because I completely over ate.
But away from my own stupidities.
Of all the healthy food trends of the last decade smoothies have to be one of the more tolerable ones.
The allow for easy consumption, and sometimes make for very interesting combinations of different fruits.
But be warned!
Every smoothie that contains a mixture of for example green fruits and green vegetables will kill you from disgust and everyone who enjoys there spinach, apple, banana avocado smoothie (yes a real thing, I looked it up) deserves at least 10 years in prison for offending Public decency.