MC Kitchenette – Salad week

Hello and welcome to our weekly cooking event where Noémie, Yegor, Lynn and Moritz from MC will all cook a dish from a certain category.
This weeks topic will be salad.
After two weeks of pasta and bread we wanted to safe you the trouble of going to the doctor to check your gluten and calorie levels in your blood and do something lighter this week.
Salad has to be the most primal food that we as humans have ever consumed.
Even before we learned that cooked food can dramatically increase calorie intake and probably even before we even learned how to light a fire (or before Prometheus stole the fire from the Gods, thats right we won’t forget our Ancient Greek readers) the one thing everyone ate had to be salad.
I mean probably not in an artisanal bowl, I with various seeds, chicken breast and slices of parmesan, that have been carefully placed to be consumed in multiple perfect bites.
Early „Salad“ probably was a mix out of plants found on the ground and..
Probably that’s about it if I have to be honest.
The beauty in it being that leaves don’t have to be cooked or even hunted.
At least it can’t be that hard to hunt down a stationary plant, I assume.
So much for the early history, but in recent times Salad has made a huge comeback, or more of a level up.
After being more of a necessity for people before modern times, for being easy to make and get, but unfortunately not being very calorie heavy, salad has come back for exactly those reasons.
The health and food revolution in the 21. century has reinvented salad to a point were an early roman who was eating leafy greens from his garden with maybe some oil would probably not recognize the aforementioned artisanal bowl as salad.
Salad has become so popular in fact, that it has spawned a new type of restaurant entirely, one that sells smoothies and salad bowls.
And even other restaurants now often have salad bars where you can pick and choose the ingredients you want.
So if not for the possibility to put whatever you want in it (to a point where it doesn’t even resemble salad anymore), or the health reasons, or even out of necessity, make a salad at home.
Because it’s easy.
Because it’s delicious (except you put tomatoes in there…. fight me).
Because its nice to have some different food now and then.
We hope our recipes can inspire you to make some salad on your own.
And don’t forget: the word salad derives from the latin word salata which means to salt, so salt your salad.
Because eating an unsalted salad is like taking your dog to the cinema to see the new Tarantino movie.
Pretty pointless.
Thank you for reading and talk to you next week.
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