MC Kitchenette – Dips and Sauces week

I personally think that fries can’t be eaten properly if you are not smothering them with a healthy dose of ketchup and most importantly mayonnaise.
If you are eating fries with nothing on them you are eating cooked potatoes and nothing more.
-Change my mind
Hello and welcome to our weekly cooking event where Noémie, Yegor, Lynn and Moritz from MC will all cook a dish from a certain category.
This weeks topic will be Dips and Sauces.
My roommates in Slovenia will be able to back me up on this but I am kind of addicted to mayonnaise.
I always have one tube of it in the fridge if not even two and my caloric intake would probably be halved if I ever stopped eating it.
Food inherently in it’s nature is a communal activity and dips have to be among the most communal dishes ever.
There is nothing more great then eating nachos with your friends on a nice summer day while dipping them into your homemade guacamole or cheese-dip.
Or if you are the bougie type dipping your fruit in a chocolate fountain.
Dips are probably one of the most logical evolutions in food history. When I was a child my mother always made me tomato soup and my favorite thing was to eat my hot tomato soup with toasted bread that I used to dip into the soup, while the soup was still to hot to be properly eaten with a spoon.
After that it was the sauces from McDonalds and Burger King which my mom (being the proper Chinese mom that she is) used to always save and bring home with us to put into the fridge for later. Maybe this is where my obsession with mayonnaise comes from, who knows.
That is where my love for dips comes from at least but I think it is only natural to want to dip your crunchy food into a liquid of some form.
So here is where you can experiment a little yourself.
For all of you people out there that do like to make things from scratch I think you should actually try and make mayonnaise from scratch. It is one of the great moments in your own cooking journey when you realize how easy it is to make it and how incredible the journey from eggs and oil to the creamy and thick product is.
But if you are not feeling so adventures you could just do one of the classics.
Like your own guacamole out of fresh avocados or hummus out of chickpeas and tahini. If you are on a budget you should buy dry chickpeas and soak them in water yourself the night before, a small tip we learned in Slovenia ourselves.
But in the end you can make a dip out of everything for all I care.
Beans, heavy cream for something sweet or everything in-between.
But if you do want to make one of the recipes at home you have to only follow one very important rule.
Always share your dip with someone.
Enjoy the weather and talk to you next week,
Your Team Litija