MC Kitchenette – Breakfast week

One year ago I had a moment where someone told me that the word pullover comes from pull-over as in to pull over a sweater. My mind was blown for the next day or 2. Im about to give you that very same moment now.
Hello and welcome to our weekly cooking event where Noémie, Yegor, Lynn and Moritz from MC will all cook a dish from a certain category. This weeks topic will be breakfast.
Did you know that the word breakfast comes from the words break-fast, as in to break a fast. So the word literally refers to breaking the fasting period during the night. Breakfast indeed is a very strange thing. Because more then anything it is a certain time or period of eating, not a set food. Following this each culture has their own version of breakfast, since eating food in the morning is pretty elementary.
One would think that at least in some ways all breakfast all over the world would resemble one another. Maybe not in ingredients but in the way of the food.
I for one would have thought that everyone wants to eat something light in the morning, but after seeing something like Lablabi, a Chickpea dish with garlic and cumin broth with egg and tuna or English breakfast with sausage and black pudding I must be mistaken.
So why is it then that breakfast varies so much? Is it because of simply different cultural norms like the North-European dislike for garlic or different work and sleep hours depending on sunrise? Is egg the uniting factor for breakfast maybe? From Turkish Menemen to scrambled eggs to the aforementioned Lablabi.
Or is it something in the preparation? Something that can be ready in a short time, that doesn’t have to cook long? Or maybe it is something that can be consumed quickly and has a lot of energy to get you ready for the day?
Anyways Breakfast seems to be a strong contender for the most divisive food.
I for one would swear on my way of eating nothing until 11 or something because I hate eating in the morning, but others probably are judging me right now for not eating in the morning.
I can also assure you that eating a full English breakfast in the actual morning would probably send me straight back to bed for at least 2 hours.
But then again im very far from a physical worker so maybe there is some sense in eating something like that when you have to work very hard in the mornings.
More than anything else breakfast is your own. You can customize it however you like.
If you want to sit alone in the kitchen and just read a newspaper and drink a coffee no-one can judge you.
Or if you like big continental breakfasts in hotels and you like to take your time while walking through the buffet selections you are entitled to that preference.
I think breakfasts say a lot about people. It says a lot about their normal days, their personalities and their social preferences.
So enjoy the videos and maybe you can learn something about us too, be it through this text or through the videos.
Enjoy and see you next week.
Your Team Litija
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