List of things about Slovenia

-The people of Slovenia are friendly and welcoming

-The national anthem is the sound that a beer can makes when it opens

-Many people from the Balkans live here

-Although Litija is a relatively small town it is especially active, thanks in bigger part to the Mc and Kliše, it is quite difficult to get bored here

-If you think “This week I don’t drink” someone appears and offers you a beer

-A party with someone from the Balkans is unpredictable

-Although I prefer the Union and I’m not a big fan of black beer, I must admit that the black Lašco is very good, the normal one is not, the normal one is goat piss

-Eslovenia is a treasure that few people know, thanks to that you can enjoy incredible landscapes without having to suffer crowds of tourists, except in Bled, which is full of fucking spanish always

-The pineapple radler has saved more hangovers than ibuprofen

-My ranking of Slovenian churches is:

1st Šmartno

2nd Maribor

3rd None because the rest are very ugly

-My favorite wine is white, Slovenian and on the farm where I live there are sooo many liters

-Dole and Gabrovka have me in love, they are small and very nice villages, the people are especially nice and the children are very funny, every day I live new experiences that help me to open a little more the mind

-In Slovenia it is typical to serve a glass of water with coffee, for some the only non-alcoholic intake of the day

– Seriously, be careful with the people of the Balkans

-I’m very happy living here


Author: David 🙂