Kids carnival Litija*

Last Saturday we, the volunteers of MC Litija, went to the famous children’s carnival in the sports hall. Our primary task was to create animals out of special balloons. We learned that two days ago from Hajro. In the beginning we were quite sceptical about our ability to learn these skills but at the end we realized it was just learning by doing and actually pretty easy. After hundreds of dogs and hours of practicing we could consistently make our own individual dogs.

On Saturday morning we went equipped with our newly accomplished skills confidently to the carnival to raise smiles on the kids’ faces. First we helped arranging our stand where we on the one hand were going to prepare and distribute our animal balloons and on the other hand where Moritz, our “magic Momo”, was going to present a few magical card tricks.

Although the children were usually too shy to ask for the balloons we noticed that when we gave one to them they became happy and you could see that they enjoyed and appreciated our work. Nevertheless, we also experienced that parents and older children tried to grab animal balloons behind our bags without us noticing. We think this occurred because of shyness and the challenge of the language barrier between us.

To put it in a nutshell, we enjoyed that a lot of children came and that we could make them happy and we additionally enjoyed that we could learn a new skill.

Lynn and Moritz

*Otroški pustni ŽIV-ŽAV.