Hola, sóc el Daniel!


Hi Evereyone!

My name is Daniel and I am from a little village in Catalunya (Spain). I come from a little village (100inhabitants). I know, really is a little village, but always i stayed in others cites.

This year I finished my second grade in illustration. My passion is photography and drawing. As well as, making multimedia videos and short animation. I can spend lots of hours in front of the computer, retouching photos and drawing. Sometimes I am too perfectionist because I want to do things well. I am a cheerful and very active person .

This isn’t my 1st volunteer project, I have been twice in Sahara as a volunteer in the desert. I enjoyed it a lot because we were working with children and taking photos there to raise awareness people about the life there. That trip changed my way of thinking. But i think this volunteer change my mind too.

I arrived in Litija this September and when i was  in MC for the 1st time i thought: OMG! is perfect, i liked my work, i liked the people, i liked the building, and here i can do anything, here the aren’t limitations, and this is very important for me. Here are many projects in which I can participate, I contribute my experience and learn from others.

When i chose Slovenia to do the EVS, i think will be a great Country, but every day that I live here, i think i needed born here, is perfect!