First weeks in Litija


Wow, it’s mid of November! I feel like I just yesterday got picked up at the Ljubljana airport and arrived at the farm Petornasta Domačija it was surrounded by night’s darkness and sounds of the quacking ducks. It felt so far from home, so far from anything I knew, but then the first welcome beers were opened!

We all know that time flies when you’re having fun. And I must say it has been ♫♪ the time of my life ♫♪ getting to know all the wonderful people and Slovenia.

So what is my impression about the Slovenia?

– In the moment when our host family was making pancakes for all 15 guest volunteers, I thought Slovenia must be the most hospitable country in the world. Thus there is a small downside of this, because the extra kg I have put on – every time we visit we get some treats: delicious home-made cheese, apple strudel, wine, schnapps.. so good, it is impossible to say no.

– It is hard to keep up with coffee intake of average Slovenia. 5 cups a day is just a bare minimum.

– Slovenians are fun loving and such relaxed people.

– And what a pleasant weather you have here. Going out with just T-shirt on at the end October is something unheard for a Latvian. At this time temperature is way below the zero and we usually put on ski boots and shovel snow.

Hey well, it might seem that volunteers have only parties. And yes, for the most of the time is true, but we managed to squeeze some real work as well. I hope you guys enjoyed the Escape room! It was definitely fun for us to make it. Some of the tasks were more challenging then others, for example, building walls with a duct-tape – peace of cake, but backing good-looking scary pumpkin cookies – actually could be one of the complicated tasks so far. Anyway it all about the taste, not the looks, right?!

Thank you for the awesome weeks!

Hvala Lepa!