Szia, én vagyok Dora

Imagine that you are 28 years old, finished all your studies successfully, have a job, have salary, so already achieved everything that you should achieve if you want to start a regular, normal, ever day life before 30.

And now, imagine that you are sitting in your room at night in the dark and start thinking about your life: “OK, I am almost 30, I like my job, I love my family, I have friends, (I need more money because there can never be enough, of course), so I should be satisfied but something is missing.” And immediately a question appears in front of your eyes: Is this LIFE? Do you really want that? Do you want this regular, normal, everyday life? Is it OK for you this way?

28 years ago, you got a great present from your parents. This big box with a big bow has been lying on your floor in front of you for 28 years, unwrapped… Are you sure you are not curious about what it is inside? Are you sure that you don’t want to open it?

So my name is Dóra Stáczer. I come from Hungary. And now, in Slovenia, I want to open my big box, I want to open my life. Why Slovenia? It is not a question, this country with the mountains is so amazing that everyone can follow their dreams here.