List of things about Slovenia

-The people of Slovenia are friendly and welcoming -The national anthem is the sound that a beer can makes when it opens -Many people from the Balkans live here -Although Litija is a relatively small town it is especially active, thanks in bigger part to the Mc and Kliše, it is quite difficult to get […]

Preberi več List of things about Slovenia
december 5th, 2018

Proud as we can be, to live in Litija*

Some people when they grow up wants to be astronauts, policemen or sweet princes trapped in the tower. Some of them want to be pilots who throws shining bombs on Vietnam villages and painting cartoon arm candy babes on the cover of their planes. Some of them, more brighter on their mind wants to be […]

Preberi več Proud as we can be, to live in Litija*
november 20th, 2018

First weeks in Litija

  Wow, it’s mid of November! I feel like I just yesterday got picked up at the Ljubljana airport and arrived at the farm Petornasta Domačija it was surrounded by night’s darkness and sounds of the quacking ducks. It felt so far from home, so far from anything I knew, but then the first welcome beers were opened! We all know that time flies when you’re having […]

Preberi več First weeks in Litija
november 20th, 2018