After Corona Life


During this quarentine, I saw people who is not conscious about the importance what means “society”. People do whatever they want, complaining about all without justify, not informed, being fooled by the first who talks, governed by their own rage. I wish to leave this shit world, or better, annihilate all persons who only think about themselves.

At the beginning, in January, the people told “this only happens in China, it will never arrive here”, but when the coronavirus arrived here, BOOM! Making the Chinese people guilty, then the Italian people and then the Spanish people. Always making other people guilty, because for sure, I’m better than the others, and the others are not like me, they are bullshit, and even more if they have this virus, called COVID-19, when the real virus is more mortal, Homo Sapiens, that of Sapiens has, what I have of lizard.

What will happen in the future? First of all, a global crisis, social and economic. The dictatorship and authoritarian states they will win, we saw their effectiveness when locking people down (or you stay at home or you die), for sure it’s effective. And we saw it, one or ten fines they don’t care. I talk in general, (the last I need to do) but today, who doesn’t speaks in general? At the end, say one thing or another, they will criticize you because you don’t think like them. C’mon, this people were never born. Am l nazi talking like that? Yes, but who is not nazi?

The poor countries, they will continue being more poorly, the people will die just like now, and we don’t care about that, because we are a good Samaritans. I complain about that, I don’t do nothing, but I still complain and I don’t care. Let’s be honest. Really, do you matter about these people? No. And me neither. A pity they die every day, but if I can see my TV and I have a good connection with the Wi-Fi, I’m satisfied. I will enter my social networks, to complain from the “security” of my profile and then I will disconnect to do the same I did… I’m against the child hunger, but I still support a system who won’t change that.

And what I need to do after Coronavirus to stop that? Don’t support any idea. Topple the system who takes centuries implementing, like “legitimate” like in the past with the slaves. WHAT IS LEGAL TODAY, DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL BE LEGAL IN THE FUTURE.

Yegor Casado