A day in quarantine in Leipzig


My current day starts quite late. Then I go to breakfast, which is mostly already made. The reason for that is that our house is really full. I am living together with my parents, my two siblings, a friend of my parent, who is currently writing her bachelor’s thesis and my girlfriend. So there is always someone who got up earlier than me.

The second step in the day are crossword puzzles. Luckily we still get the newspaper every day. So with these puzzles you can spend a lot of time and it’s quite fun. If I am motivated I sit in front of my computer and coding small projects or I skype with friends.

Music is also a big part of my life. Fortunately I brought my viola back home and so I can play together with my sister who plays the flute. We have a few hard pieces, so we can really spend productive time.

Sometimes we play social games together like “Cluedo” or “Muchkins”. This is also how we spend most of the evenings. If the games get too boring we also watch movies together.

As I decided to spend at least a couple of minutes outside every day, I did a lot of walks and I also finally relearned how to ride the unicycle which I learned as a kid.

I also started to bake more. In the few days in quarantine I together with my siblings baked 3 cakes and different types of bread and cookies.

And this was/is my boring day in quarantine.