Hola, sóc el Daniel!

Hi Evereyone! My name is Daniel and I am from a little village in Catalunya (Spain). I come from a little village (100inhabitants). I know, really is a little village, but always i stayed in others cites. This year I finished my second grade in illustration. My passion is photography and drawing. As well as, […]

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november 14th, 2016

Salut, je suis Sarah!

Hey ! I’m Sarah and I’m 21. I come from the West of France, near the coast. I have two older brothers. I’m very sociable, I love meeting new people and speaking with them. I like to think that I’m very independant and self-reliable, but of course according to my parents I’m not 😉 My […]

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november 14th, 2016

Szia, én vagyok Dora

Imagine that you are 28 years old, finished all your studies successfully, have a job, have salary, so already achieved everything that you should achieve if you want to start a regular, normal, ever day life before 30. And now, imagine that you are sitting in your room at night in the dark and start […]

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november 14th, 2016