Quarantine time at the farm

  During this days of quarantine, I went to the mountains to walk. I was helping on the farm with the animals (horses, pigs, goats and pony). I was feeding them and cleaning the stable. And I was riding a horse. I’m writing some short histories, where I explain different histories, normally, based on dreams […]

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marec 25th, 2020

What now?

  It has been one week since I suddenly went back home to Germany. The life in Litija left on pause. And still, I feel a bit surreal. I didn’t think I would be back in Germany until later this year and the sudden decision and especially the uncertainty of the situation doesn’t make it […]

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marec 25th, 2020

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A day in quarantine in Leipzig

  My current day starts quite late. Then I go to breakfast, which is mostly already made. The reason for that is that our house is really full. I am living together with my parents, my two siblings, a friend of my parent, who is currently writing her bachelor’s thesis and my girlfriend. So there […]

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marec 25th, 2020

Quarantine routine

  I’m back in France for one week now because of the coronavirus. I live with my parents and my older brother, who is normally living in Paris but he joined us for the quarantine. It’s strange to live together again but it’s cool, we play a lot of Tarok (card game), cooking, drawing, do […]

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marec 25th, 2020

Hey to everyone!

  Because of Corona everything is different at the moment and I went home last week, because the schools and the youth centre are closed until now. Due to this reason I spend my time at home and try to do the best out of this situation. I spend a lot of time outside to […]

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marec 25th, 2020

Why volunteering? by: Yegor

I’m come to Slovenia for desenvulpate my knowledge to myself. Improve my English, learn a més idiom, Slovenian. I’ll doing some audiovisual projects into my culture, Catalonia, and include that for other countries, on this case, Germany, France and the same Slovenia. Meet new people and make common growth. Yegor

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november 12th, 2019

Why one year as a volunteer? by: Felix

I always knew that I wanted to spend time in foreign countries recreationally or maybe even as part of my future occupation. So when it came to the time after i finished highschool there really was just one possibillity. I wanted to participate in an ESC-project so I could meet a new culture and people, […]

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november 12th, 2019

Why I wanted to do an ESC! by: Lynn

Hello guys! I am Lynn and I am 19 years old. I live in a really small village with only 230 inhabitants, one our away from Hamburg (north of Germany). After I finished my A level in June 2019 I was ready to leave my place for a new challenge. Due to this reason I […]

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november 12th, 2019

Why one year as a volunteer in Litija? by: Moritz

The question about why am I spending a year in a foreign country can be easily answered, at least for me. You could say that I am wasting one year of my life doing nothing, which by the way I actually heard. But for me the exact opposite is the case. If would have just […]

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november 12th, 2019

List of things about Slovenia

-The people of Slovenia are friendly and welcoming -The national anthem is the sound that a beer can makes when it opens -Many people from the Balkans live here -Although Litija is a relatively small town it is especially active, thanks in bigger part to the Mc and Kliše, it is quite difficult to get […]

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december 5th, 2018